The 1build platform is designed to make your estimating process more efficient, and one of the most powerful ways to speed up your project pricing is to duplicate a successful estimate. Whether that estimate was created by the 1build Estimator Network, or your own in-house team, you can duplicate the items in your Rapid Estimate view to quickly start a new, similar project. When you duplicate an estimate created by the 1build Estimator Network, the duplicated copy is now part of your Do It Myself projects, and you can reuse the estimate as needed.

Here are the steps to duplicate an estimate in 1build:

  1. Start in your 1build Dashboard.

  2. Right click on either an In Progress project or Completed Project.

  3. Select Duplicate from the dropdown list.

  4. Select the confirmation button to duplicate project.

  5. Find the project copy in your In Progress project list.

  6. Open the project copy and rename the project.

  7. Enter new project details and adjust the line items as needed.

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