All 1build subscribers have access to our Estimator Network. Each project is submitted to the 1build team, where you are matched with an estimator who is right for your project. Most pricing and scope negotiations will happen between you and your estimator, and communication is quick, so you never miss a deadline.

Here is how you can submit a new project to the Estimator Network:

  1. Start in your 1build dashboard and click New Project.

  2. Choose “Hire an Estimator.”

  3. Complete your project details.

  4. Choose the trades included in your project.

  5. Choose a wage type for any labor.

  6. Upload your architectural plans or project drawings

  7. Click the submit button

  8. A team member from our Estimator Network will connect you with a US- or Canada-based estimator.

  9. You will work with that estimator to determine schedule and cost for your estimate, depending on the size and scope of your project.

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