How to Export an Estimate from 1build to Buildertrend


1build offers an export option to conveniently import data into a Buildertrend estimate. Use the steps below to quickly export an estimate with cost codes and map to cost categories in your Buildertrend account.

Exporting an Estimate from 1build

2022-11-10 10.57.19

  1. Log into your 1build account and open a project
  2. At the top of the estimate, click “Download”
  3. Change the preset option from the dropdown filter to “Export to Buildertrend”
  4. Click Download XLSX
  5. Review the file in your computer’s downloads folder

Importing an Estimate to Buildertrend

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  1. Login to your Buildertrend account and open a project
  2. Click the Financial tab at the top of the screen and select “Estimate”
  3. Click Import From and select Excel from the list of options
  4. Select the 1build estimate from your files after clicking Browse My Computer and click Forward
  5. Map the correct fields from the 1build Estimate to align with Buildertrend requirements, click Forward
  6. Update any unmapped fields for Cost Codes and/or Cost Type, click Forward
  7. Review the estimate in Buildertrend account. You can select group by Cost Category to re-organize the estimate.
  8. Contact 1build Customer Success for any troubleshooting tips